Packing List for Campers

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Bring the Following to Camp:

1 laundry bag
1 water bottle
1 rain poncho
7 pairs of socks
7 pairs of underwear
7 T-shirts
2 pairs of gym shoes* 
3 gym shorts
1 pair of pajamas
2 collared shirts (for Mass)
1 pair of swimming trunks
1 large towel
2 sweatshirts and/or light jackets
2 pair of long pants
toothpaste & toothbrush
soap, shampoo & comb
suntan lotion
insect repellent
notebook with pen or pencil
sleeping bag and small pillow
flashlight (fresh batteries)
book(s) for reading 
musical instrument (optional)
suggested pocket money: $20

*(cleats are optional, but no metal cleats)

Do Not Bring the Following Items:

tank tops
cell phones
video game devices
music players
FRS radio
junk food
playing cards
Things that go "bang", "boom" or "pow"

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