Packing List for Counselors & Staff

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Bring the Following to Camp:

1 pair of pajamas
11 pairs of socks
9 T‐shirts
11 pairs of briefs
3 Collared shirts (for Mass)
4 gym shorts
1 Swimming trunks
2 Sweatshirts or light jacket
Laundry bag
Rain poncho
3 Pairs of long pants
2 pairs of gym shoes
1 pairs of regular shoes
Toothpaste & toothbrush
Towels, soap, shampoo
Comb, suntan lotion, insect repellent
Notebook, pen, pencil
Sleeping bag
Flashlight (fresh batteries)
Suggested pocket money: $25
Book(s) for reading
Musical instrument (optional)
Any clothes or articles you deem necessary for the following sports: soccer, football, water polo, ultimate Frisbee, kickball, basketball, hockey, and baseball.
Pillow and pillow-case

If you bring a cell phone on the trip for staying in contact with those driving you to camp or back home, we ask that you leave it with the staff during the days while at camp. This will help everyone to focus on the orientation and the time with the campers. If there is an emergency, parents can call the camp office and you may call your parents as well. Also, the cell reception at the camp is poor. So, even if you ask to use your phone at specific free times, know that communications may be difficult by cell.

Do Not Bring the Following Items:

junk food
MP3 players
FRS radios
video game devices

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